A black cat accountant

A black cat accountant

In about the 17th iteration of me working on a personal finance app, I’m setting up a plaid integration.

The tooling setup roughly looks like:

  • Beancount as the resulting data format
  • Fava as the view
  • beancount-import to help automatically categorizing
  • Plaid to download transaction data (they support OpenBanking now!)

Beancount is mostly in python, but I’ve also got a wrapping API server in Rust (maybe not my best move, but learning Rust has been fun).

With the switch to Plaid & OAuth, I can finally ditch my awful home-grown OFX pulling and switch fully to Plaid.

An interesting idea I had was that setting this stuff up is a lot of overheard. It could be interesting to wrap this up as a little service that I give a JSON api for so if someone else wanted to do a similar thing, they could just pay me slighltly more than I pay Plaid.

Currently the rest of the app is fairly specific to my use case, so I’m still figuring out whether that would be interesting enough for me to actually pursue.

This post will serve as the “landing page” for my app while I get the rest figured out. The Plaid and Chase requirements need a landing page.